• Epimetal

    Red Rising Discord Server

    February 22, 2018 by Epimetal

    I have created a Red Rising Discord Server called The Howlers!
    Because sometimes it's handy and fun to have the ability to converse quickly in real time!  This is just another chill way for us to get ahold of each other, (especially for people who are already chilling on Discord).

    The Howlers is established as a server for us "editors of the Red Rising Wikia", but it's open for anyone!  I will also be advertising the server on the reddit feed r/RedRising.  Discord is the greatest chat app ever and I personally love hooking into different types of servers, so I thought I’d make one for Red Rising fans!

    (For those that do not know, Discord is a centralized, online chat and voice platform where you can create a server for any type of community.)


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  • Tfgeekgirl

    Iron Gold

    February 8, 2018 by Tfgeekgirl

    Some people may be wondering why they can't update anything on the Iron Gold page.

    Well, considering that Iron Gold hit the store shelves on January 16th, I've blocked the page for a month to allow people time to actually read the book before spoiling it all on the wikia site. 

    I would hope that the details on the characters involved have not been spoiled too much as well, since I didn't want to block all the pages from being updated. 

    The Iron Gold page will soon be released for updating (on February 16th/17th), but I hope that some (including myself) are willing to update the plot of Morning Star first as that hasn't been done yet. 

    Please be patient and happy bloodydamn editing! 

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  • ThereBeDragons

    Happy to be here!

    October 4, 2016 by ThereBeDragons

    I'm pretty new in the Red Rising fandom, but I'm eager to help out. I noticed that the Wiki has limited information in some areas, so I'm just trudging along trying to help where I can. I'm rereading the Red Rising series right now, so I've got some up to date information on hand. Of course, I'm pretty new at Wikia editing, so I might make mistakes here and there. I'd appreciate any advice. 

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  • Acardwell415

    Did you read Red Rising in June with Wikia Y.A. Society? We got a great response to our call for questions for our Pierce Brown Q&A, and now the super talented author has answered all of your questions! A HUGE thank you both to Pierce and to the community members who asked questions here.

    Want to know about Pierce's inspiration for Red Rising, how he gets inspired, or even more about what he'd save first in a house fire? Read on!


    Q: Why did you choose to base so much of Gold society on Ancient Rome - names, gods, etc.?

    PB: I grew up in love with Roman culture. Mostly because I saw in them a civilization much like ours, yet couched in the worship and respect of tribal gods. It’s an interesting dichotomy—as is the ris…

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  • Asnow89

    Exciting news! The prologue from the upcoming book, Morning Star (Book 3), was JUST released by Pierce Brown.

    Check it out here!


    I rise into darkness, away from the garden they watered with the blood of my friends. The Golden man who killed my wife lies dead beside me on the cold metal deck, life snuffed out by his own son’s hand.

    Autumn wind whips my hair. The ship rumbles beneath. In the distance, friction flames shred the night with brilliant orange. The Telemanuses descending from orbit to rescue me. Better that they do not. Better to let the darkness have me and allow the vultures to squabble over my paralyzed body.

    My enemy’s voices echo behind me. Towering demons with the faces of angels. The smallest of them bends. Stroking my …

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  • 72e


    March 23, 2015 by 72e

    I don't have the books anymore so this wiki is going to have to depend on Google Books. On the eReading side, Rakuten, who previously bought Kobo, bought Overdrive as well! I really hope that the two can collaborate to make a seamlessly lending/buying experience. Overdrive recently launched the "world's largest book club" which probably takes the cake as the largest club overall as well, knowing all the avid readers out there. Here's to another year~

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  • 72e

    Status report here. Since I started on this wiki exactly one month from today, our traffic has increased. What was in the low double-digits has since then increased to hover comfortably around the half-thousand mark. Our highest traffic in one day was over 800.

    I would like to thank nanoleopard201's efforts at, uh, legitimising Red Rising wiki. My efforts at promotion paid off a bit in the short run, but what really made this possible was the efforts of all of you, our contributors and visitors that drive us to do what we do! So, hang in there until the movie. Until then, this will be a preeetty quiet place, not that it's bad lol.

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  • 72e


    February 2, 2015 by 72e

    I'm not sure if that's the wikia way or not... but it seems like a blog post just disappeared down the drain.

    Which is especially ironic considering what I wrote about.

    Let's see if this one stays if I keep it short,

    seems strange I should go such lengths

    for things so minor and what's this?

    Less and less, such shapes

    should stay out.


    03:12, February 2, 2015 (UTC)

    tests out

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  • 72e

    Memories of fish

    February 2, 2015 by 72e

    So I was reading this webtoon that the author quit drawing due to "lack of ability" and general failure to maintain deadlines, which was not all that major, and which is besides the point. There was a fish featured prominently in the art. It's a magical fish. It can speak. It can fly through the air and not die while flapping around pathetically in said air. But that's besides the point also.

    My point is that fish have longer memories than people think. They don't have an attention span of seven seconds, and can certainly recall things after three seconds. But why are they so devoid of personality? Like all devoted owners, people that raise prized fish like to think of them as special and being all bubbly (was that a pun? It's not, right?) …

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  • 72e

    Cool admin stuff

    February 1, 2015 by 72e

    I just wanted to rant about how awesomely customisable wikis are. Even if you're just a regular user, you can still change your cursor or add buttons to the UI. Things get more hardcore if you have access to global, since you can do things as documented here .

    Now Theme Designer, it's just insane. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it doesn't just throw some unsafe and mismatched colours at you. You can actually choose colours by inputting their hex codes. I thought it would just be some gimmicky "here's a colour and like 5 shades of it to choose from" but no, so many colours at your disposal. And it splits images down the middle, knowing that there's no way one size fits all: a picture 1600px wide can be found on a 1920px wide display a…

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