The Color system of the Society is a form of social hierachy (also caste, social class or strata) devised and implemented by the early Golds during their conquering of the planets. It divides members of the society into fourteen different 'colors.' Based on genetic engineering, members of each Color's outer appearance, including their hair and eye color, resemble their social Color.

In general, each Color assumes a different role within society, for example, whites take on the ritual functions of society as priests and priestesses.


From left to right, top to bottom, the colors are:

  • HighColors
    • Golds: Rulers of society
    • Silvers: Financiers and businessmen
    • Whites: The clergy
    • Coppers: Administrators, lawyers and bureaucrats
  • MidColors
    • Blues: Astronavigators of ships
    • Yellows: Doctors and scientists
    • Greens: Programmers and developers
    • Violets: The creative class such as artists
    • Oranges: Mechanics
    • Grays: Law-enforcement, security, military and other armed personnel
  • LowColors
    • Browns: Servants
    • Obsidians: 'monstrous race only bred for war'
    • Pinks: Pleasure slaves
    • Reds: The unskilled and menial laborers

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