Darrow is the protagonist and narrator in the first Red Rising Trilogy and returns as a narrator in the second trilogy. His experiences throughout the trilogy transform him from a humble Red Helldiver into the brave and visionary leader of The Rising with numerous supporters from various classes of society.

Background Edit

Life in the Deepmines

Darrow started out as a Red Helldiver of the Lambda Clan in the mining colony of Lykos. He stood at a height of 1.8 meters (about 5 feet 8 inches) which was considered tall for his color. As a Red, he had reddish-brown irises and hair. Described as handsome, his skin is pale white from lack of sun exposure and he has an Irish cockney accent (as most lowReds do). He also has a stronger heart than most due to surviving the venomous bite of a pitviper when he was a child.

He made his living tunneling into Mars for the precious terra-forming resource, helium-3. At age 16, he was married to his childhood friend and sweetheart Eo. His wife possessed a rebellious spirit that contrasted with Darrow's resignation towards the cruelty of life as a miner. Despite this, their marriage was a happy one. Sadly, that ended when she was hanged for bringing Darrow into a prohibited garden hidden within the mines. Eo's execution led to her martyrdom when she sang a song encouraging rebellion against the Golds, earning her the title of "Persephone". Afterwards, Darrow buried his wife, another illegal act for which he was sentenced to be hanged. He was saved by his uncle, Narol, and handed over to the Sons of Ares, a group of insurgents seeking to topple the Society. The rebels brought him to Mars' surface where discovered it's vibrant cities where Reds were treated as slaves. Having been raised believing that Reds were pioneers aiding the terraforming of Mars, he is enraged when he discovers the truth. Inspired by Eo's dream of living for more, Darrow takes on a dangerous mission for the Sons of Ares. To help the rebels, he agrees to undergo biological modification to become a Gold and to amass power before engaging in open war with the Society.


While being carved by the Violet Mickey, Darrow underwent intense surgery and hormone therapy to take the form of a Gold. His height was increased to approximately 7 feet tall (2.1 meters) while new Gold implants and medical modifications were performed to increase his physical and mental abilities.

The tensile strength of his tendons and ligaments were enhanced along with the strength of his muscle fibers. His strength was further enhanced by training in a suit that enforced resistance on his body as he moved. He was cultured by a Pink named Matteo who taught him how to read and speak like a Gold and served as a friendly adviser who kept Darrow's temper in check. He was also cared for by Dancer and Harmony, Red liaisons for the Sons of Ares.

The Institute

After being educated, he took a test to enter the Institute of Mars, a training school for prospective military officers. Darrow was accepted, having missed a single question out of hundreds to gain entrance into the Institute. Here, he was drafted into House Mars by Fitchner, Mars' Proctor. Upon arriving, he was able to befriend other Golds, among them being the sons of the powerful Bellona family, Cassius and Julian. Afterwards, the next trial was the Passage, a series of death matches among the students. After a struggle, Darrow was forced to kill Julian to earn his House ring and continue competing. Finally, the remaining students were dropped into a valley alongside their other House members. Here, the objective was to enslave other Houses in order to win.

House Mars was divided early on as different factions developed, with one group being led by Darrow and Cassius. After some time, a violent faction led by Titus au Ladros grew, forcing Darrow to form an alliance with House Minerva led by Mustang. The alliance was able to bring down Titus, who Darrow later realized to be a fellow Red in disguise. Reluctantly, Darrow allowed Titus to be executed by an enraged Cassius who mistakenly believed Titus had killed Julian. He also captured House Minerva's standard, ending with the enslavement of House Minerva by House Mars. However, Darrow allowed Mustang to flee. With this, Darrow earned his status as Primus and gained friends in Sevro and his Howlers, a band of outcast students skilled in combat who donned wolf pelts. Unfortunately, Cassius discovered that Darrow killed Julian and proceeded to wound him in a duel before leaving him for dead in the wilderness.

Becoming the Reaper of Mars

Mustang found Darrow and nursed him back to health, repaying him for allowing her to escape. During this time, Fitchner visited Darrow and informed him of the interference of the Proctors on behalf of the Jackal. Fitchner attempted to dissuade Darrow from further taking part in the competition, citing the Jackal's savagery and cunning making him unbeatable. He also reveals that he is the son of ArchGovernor Nero au Augustus and Primus of House Pluto. Seeking to defy the Proctors, Darrow and Mustang amassed an army by recruiting slaves that fled and hid from their respective Houses. Led by Darrow (styling himself as the Reaper), they captured and freed a number of other students. Among them was Tactus au Rath, an arrogant and power hungry Gold. Ultimately, Tactus submitted when Darrow shared physical punishment with him after he sexually assaulted a girl in the army.

Darrow then targeted House Mars, sneaking in one evening and carving a slingBlade into doors and tables to scare them. The act also served a successful lure for Sevro and his Howlers, who desert Mars and ultimately join Darrow. In taking another House, they were able to capture a disguised Jackal after Darrow pinned his hand to a table with a knife. However, the Proctors interfered again and the Jackal escaped, having cut off his own hand. In the ensuing chaos, one of Darrow's closest friends and the "titan" of his army, Pax au Telemanus, was stabbed to death by the Jackal.

Angered by the corruption of the Proctors, Darrow and his army assaulted Mount Olympus, the floating fortress of the Proctors. Despite successfully taking the fortress, they were unable to capture the Jackal and Mustang decided to pursue him with a portion of their army. Darrow let her do so but discovered Mustang was actually the Jackal's twin sister. He also learned that Fitchner is Sevro's father and had the Proctor simply detained in his room instead of being humiliated like the other Proctors. In an ironic turn of events, Mustang remained loyal and returned with her brother in captivity. Darrow then returned to House Mars, retaking his position as Primus from Cassius, who swore a blood oath to kill Darrow one day. With this, Darrow won the exercise and was given the chance to choose a sponsor who would aid his rise through Gold society. In the end, he chose the ArchGovernor himself, hoping to exact vengeance upon him as he coldly allowed Eo to be executed despite Darrow's pleas. Darrow was then named a Lancer of House Augustus before the rest of the students from the Institute, solidifying his bond with Augustus.

Years at the Academy

Darrow spent the next two years at the Academy, where he trained to command ships in combat. He was initially successful, amassing a formidable crew and eliminating a number of his other competitors. His last rival was Cassius' older brother, Karnus. During their final confrontation, Darrow gained the advantage but ultimately lost. Because of this, his crew suffered hundreds of casualties and he was forced to answer to Augustus for his failure.

For his loss, Augustus severed all ties to Darrow, leaving him at the mercy of his enemies. The Bellona were still seeking revenge for Julian's death and they began harassing Darrow. Cassius' mother became so obsessed with revenge that she had refused to eat until Darrow had been killed. The rest of the family sought to fulfill her wishes, resulting in several of Cassius' relatives beating him when they find him alone.

An Old Foe

Darrow then met with Victra au Julii, one of his former lieutenants. As she was the half sister of Antonia, one of his rivals from the Institute, he was distrustful towards her. Regardless, she arranged a meeting with the Jackal which Darrow agreed to. There, the Jackal proposed that he and Darrow work together to topple the Society and the Sons of Ares (not knowing that Darrow worked for the Sons). In the midst of their meeting, Darrow recognized Evey, a former Pink pleasure slave to Mickey, who sets off an explosion. Darrow barely survived but was able to save the Jackal.

He then met with Harmony and Evey, berating them for using violent tactics like bombings. Harmony revealed that Dancer has died, leaving the Sons of Ares in a vulnerable state. She attempted to have Darrow take on an assignment for her but he refused, disagreeing with her brutality. Harmony then showed him a holographic recording of Eo's execution where Darrow is finally able to hear her last words. In it, Eo revealed to her sister that she was pregnant and asks her to hide the crib for her child with Darrow. Broken by this revelation, Darrow accepted Harmony's assignment: the bombing of the Summit, a large gathering of the great families on Luna.

What Gold Fears

Darrow arrived at the Summit where he met with Roque au Fabii, a poet and a friend from the Institute. Despite his willingness to kill the Golds, he did not wish to see Roque die. Instead, he drugged him and left him in his room. Darrow then entered the gala prepared to carry out the bombing. However, he relented when he realized that he would be failing Eo's dream and when he saw Mustang enter with Cassius. Darrow then challenged Cassius to a duel with the support of Augustus, using an ancient Martian oath to gain his blessing. As they dueled, Cassius appeared to have bested Darrow. However, Darrow was able to fight back, having been trained by former Rage Knight and a renowned razormaster, Lorn au Arcos. He then defeated Cassius, dismembering his sword arm. This caused a massive brawl at the Gala, starting a schism that threatened the Society. As he attempted to escape with the ArchGovernor, Darrow was detained by Fitchner, the current Rage Knight.

Darrow was taken before the ruler of the Society, Sovereign Octavia au Lune, who had been mentoring Mustang. Darrow was able to reveal the Sovereign's plans: the assassination of Nero au Augustus at the gala. Octavia attempts to explain to angry Mustang that her father was becoming too dangerous due to his rebellious attitude towards her rule. Hence, the need for his death as he could destabilize the Society. After this meeting, Darrow was rescued by the Howlers. The Howlers had also kidnapped Lysander, Octavia's grandson, to use as leverage for escaping the planet.

Darrow and Augustus left Luna with the rest of their allies but not before Tactus betrayed them, taking Lysander back to the Sovereign. At the same time, Quinn, one of the Howlers and Roque's lover, was fatally wounded in the escape by one of the Sovereign's Furies, Aja au Grimmus. Darrow and Sevro then assaulted a large space vessel, taking the bridge to command the rest of the ship. When they were almost overwhelmed by hostile forces, they were saved. The Stained known as Ragnar Volarus singlehandedly defeated the Golds assaulting the bridge, pledging his service to Darrow for conquering the ship and all on it. Darrow then renamed the ship, calling it the Pax after Pax au Telemanus.

Afterwards, Sevro revealed his knowledge of Darrow's true status as a Red. Delivering a message from the still living Dancer and Ares himself, Sevro affirms his support of Darrow's cause and their friendship. Darrow then reunited with Augustus and his allies, where they discussed their plans after plunging the Society into civil war. Here, Darrow met Daxo and Kavax, Pax's older brother and father, respectively. Speaking with Augustus, Darrow was able to predict his plan and agreed to it: an alliance with Lorn au Arcos.

Recruiting the Rage Knight

Darrow traveled to Europa, Lorn's domain, where he attempted to convince his teacher to side with him. Lorn refused, stating that he had chosen to live in neutrality and isolation with his family. Lorn revealed that the Sovereign was present on Europa and attempted to help Darrow escape. Darrow refused, revealing that he knew about the presence of the Sovereign. He then ordered Roque to begin attacking the Sovereign's forces in orbit around Europa. Making it appear as though Lorn betrayed Octavia, Darrow and Lorn are confronted by Tactus and Aja. Darrow used landmines to drive them off but Aja escaped, leaving Tactus behind.

Lorn and Darrow then pursued Tactus, finding him ready to kill Lorn's grandchildren. Darrow was able to convince Tactus to stand down, apologizing for their broken relationship being caused by Darrow's solitary and secretive nature. Tactus let Lorn's family go and embraced Darrow in reconciliation. Lorn, however, decided to kill Tactus anyway in retaliation for the younger man threatening his family. Regardless, Lorn allied himself with Darrow.

Consolidating Power

Upon returning to the fleet, Darrow learned of another betrayal. Pliny, an adviser for Augustus, had defected to the service of the Sovereign and had brought several Golds with him. Having kidnapper and killed key allies, Darrow stormed Pliny's ship. Here, he was able to convince Pliny's followers to return to his side, resulting in Pliny's death at the hands of his former allies. During this time, Darrow also informed Ragnar of his Red heritage, seeking his assistance by appealing to Ragnar to live as a free man.

Having built enough military power, the next phase of the war against the Sovereign was enacted. The Jackal, controlling a large portion of all media outlets, broadcasted a message across all available channels: the calling of an Iron Rain (a massive planetary assault) on Mars. To be led by Darrow, various families joined the rebellion against the Sovereign.

The Iron Rain

During the battle, Darrow led a small force in the ground assault on Agea, one Mars' capital cities. With the help of contacts within the Sons of Ares, they are able to infiltrate the city through a weakened water grate. Pursuing the Sovereign herself, they were foiled when an EMP blast disabled their armor. Because of this, many from the strike force were drowned in the channel or killed by enemy forces. Darrow, however, was able to free himself and Ragnar. Together, they were able to free their remaining comrades and take down any remaining hostiles. Darrow then divided his remaining forces into two groups: the Obsidians (led by Ragnar) who would open the gates of Agea and the Howlers who would help him find Octavia.

The Howlers were forced to travel on foot through the city, moving at full sprint for over fifteen miles. Sevro acted as a scout, having obtained a pair of functioning gravBoots. He informed them of Ragnar's success in opening the gates, killing the Wind Knight and defeating Cassius (who had become the Morning Knight) in the process.

Darrow then rushed ahead, fearing the Sovereign's escape. Leaping onto her ship, he stood before her and her protectors alone. Despite decapitating Karnus, he was soon overwhelmed and too injured to keep fighting. Octavia then sent Fitchner to execute Darrow. Unconscious and defeated, Darrow awaited death. However, Fitchner rescued Darrow and donned the helm of Ares, revealing himself as the leader of the Sons. Unfortunately, Octavia was able to escape Mars, allowing her to gather her forces for retaliation against Darrow.

Return to Lykos

After the battle, Darrow met with Fitchner and Dancer. Accompanied by Sevro, they discussed the future of the Sons of Ares. Fitchner then decided that the time for war was near, promising Darrow the full support of the Sons' spy network. However, Darrow requested one thing before engaging in open conflict with the Society: the opportunity to see his family in Lykos.

He returned to Lykos alongside Mustang, having Sevro and Ragnar follow them in secret. Under the guise of an administrative visit, Darrow observed the nightly celebration of the Reds as they enjoyed the extra food he had brought. After the festivities, he and Mustang traveled through the township on the way to Darrow's old home. Before entering, Darrow handed Mustang the recording of his Carving into a Gold. Darrow then went into his old house, seeing his mother for the first time in three years. She recognized him immediately, leading to heartfelt reunion between the two. Darrow then proceeded to tell her about his activities among the Golds, revealing the truth about their slavery underground and his fight for Eo's dream. His mother then voiced her dislike for Eo as Darrow's wife, seeing her combative nature as potentially dangerous. She also informed him that Narol had died and that both of his siblings had started families, surprising Darrow. When one of his nieces came woke from her sleep, Darrow left while his mother made a prayer for his peace alongside the little girl.

Darrow was then forced to confront Mustang in a mining tunnel. In disbelief about his true Color, she held him at gunpoint. Ragnar then intervened, threatening to kill Mustang if she assaulted Darrow. Mustang then insulted Ragnar, challenging him to combat. Instead, Ragnar knelt down beside Darrow, having decided to live for more in freedom. Emboldened by Ragnar's support, Darrow then preceded to ask Mustang what she lived for. Stunned by this display, Mustang fled Lykos and left Darrow.

The Triumph

In honor of his victorious Iron Rain, Darrow received a grand parade on Mars. The event culminated in a banquet where his friends and allies were present. Darrow realized Mustang was not with them, secretly fearing that she had told Nero of his true identity. Regardless, he entertained guests, speaking with Roque who had brought him a gift.

While with Roque, Darrow was injected with a tranquilizer by his friend. Unmasked as a traitor, Darrow was forced to watch as his friends were killed as the Sovereign began her counter attack. Lorn attempted to rally the Howlers, but was stabbed to death by the Jackal and his lieutenant, Lilath. Victra was also a victim, paralyzed as Antonia shot her twice in the spine before killing their mother. The Jackal then confronted Nero, revealing his part in killing Claudius, Nero's favored son. In his rage, Nero insulted the Jackal, stating that he should have smothered him in his crib. With the last vestige of hope for fatherly approval gone, the Jackal shot Nero in the head. Now alone, Darrow was forced to look at the gift Roque had brought: Fitchner's eyeless head in a box.

Captured by the Jackal and his cohorts, Darrow was semi-conscious on the floor of a shuttle. Hearing of the Sovereign's plan to dissect him, he worried for Sevro, Ragnar and the Sons of Ares who did not attend the banquet.

The Rising

Defeated by his foes, Darrow was held captive by the Jackal and his forces. Chained in a darkened room, his mental state began to deteriorate due to the intense isolation. However, he proved unbreakable and endured nine months of imprisonment. He was then handed over to Aja and Cassius for dissection to discover how he was Carved into a Gold. While they conversed, Darrow listened in and realized that a "Rising" had begun to topple the Society.

While undergoing sanitation for his transfer, Darrow was rescued by agents of the Rising. Gray soldier Holiday ti Nakamura and her brother, Trigg ti Nakamura, removed his bonds and gave him his engraved razor. Initially reluctant to believe them, Darrow was convinced when he met with Sevro over a datapad. Having become the new Ares, Sevro told Darrow to trust the Grays and escape the prison to fight the Society. However, Darrow refused to leave Victra, forcing them to divert in order to free her. Capturing Vixus au Sarna, a former housemate at the Institute, Darrow forced him to lead them to Victra's cell. They sedated a violent Victra, who attacked them despite being paralyzed from the waist down. Having no more use for him, Darrow then killed Vixus. Unfortunately, they were discovered by the Jackal's forces and had to fight their way to their extraction atop a landing pad. Pined down, Darrow and Holiday were forced to watch Aja fatally impale Trigg. Enraged, Darrow then left his cover while dragging Holiday and Victra with him. Launching themselves off the landing pad, they were rescued by Sevro and Ragnar leading a small army of rebels. Having drilled through the city streets below, the Rising saved the trio in mid-air and withdrew into the tunnels beneath Mars.

Personality Edit

Before learning the bitter truth that the Reds are suffering in the mines to maintain an already terraformed Mars, Darrow was a family man and Miner of Lykos through and through. His ambitions and cravings did not extend beyond the welfare and safety of his family. He is shown to be rash and without fear when he risks his life to keep up productivity in the hopes that he will win extra food for his community. He is also shown to anger quickly, as seen when the laurel is awarded to the Gammas, and only Eo can calm his rage.

In the beginning, Darrow is shown to be brave, but compromising and practical if it means safety for the people around him. Despite being pragmatic and rigid, he deeply cares for his wife and for his family, and becomes wrathful after Eo's execution.

When he is carved into a Gold, Darrow struggles with the concept of losing himself, and does his best to keep in touch with his roots as a Red. He is conscious to a degree of his heritage and feels deep pride for his origins and his people. While he initially disdains Golds, as he goes deeper into the Society he comes to respect some among them, befriending several Golds and falling in love with another.

During the tests for entrance into the Institute, it is shown that he has a fiery temper. This can be seen shown by his draft into House Mars and constant reminders from Matteo. Darrow's sense of personal morality leaves him conflicted in many of his choices and decisions. While he demonstrates shrewdness and ruthless cunning in his decisions, he does deeply regret the harm wrought to those he cares for or respects. His devotion to The Rising remains rigid, despite moments of self-doubt, and eventually becomes willing to take great risks to achieve his goals. In an interview, Pierce Brown said that "seeing Darrow from other people’s perspectives... he would seem like much more of a villain."

Darrow is a charismatic leader, capable of winning friends and allies with his considerable force of personality. His bold nature and skill at delivering speeches wins him the admiration and loyalty of many. He can make rash decisions without consideration for others at times, but as the series progresses, he comes to learn from his mistakes and becomes a strong leader of The Rising. 

Names Edit

Darrow accumulated many names and nicknames throughout his life adventures. The following is a tentative list of them:

  • The Reaper - Darrow's most famous alias, gained during his time at The Institute for carrying his sickle-shaped SlingBlade. The Golds called it a Reaping Scythe.
  • Darrow au Andromedus - The official, albeit falsified, Gold name registered for him by Dancer. Andromedus was a relatively poor and unknown gold asteroid mining family. After the real Andromedus family perished in an accident, the Sons of Ares changed the records to make Darrow its sole living member.
  • L17L6363 - His prisoner number while in the Jackal's prison.
    • Also his census designation in Lykos. 
  • The Martian - Holo Net media name
  • The Red - Gold Slang
  • Boss - friendly address for his subordinate.
  • The Slave King - by opponents of the Solar Republic

Appearance Edit

Darrow in Pulsearmor

As a lowRed, he had dull red hair and eyes. He is also stated to have a slim face, born handsome. Once he was carved into a Gold, his appearance and even height entirely changed, putting him just under 7'. Even for a Gold, Darrow is large, tall and with a broad chest. Mustang claims that he seems to be carved from "angry" marble and therefore is all sharp angles. His hair is gold, skin tanned, and eyes gold.

Involvement Edit

  • Red Rising
  • Golden Son
  • Morning Star
  • Iron Gold

Abilities Edit


Darrow as the Reaper

Even before he is carved into a Gold, Darrow is very athletic and shown to have highly impressive dexterity and a vice grip; characteristics shared amongst most Helldivers. His dexterity impresses even other Golds, such as Mustang.

As a Gold, Darrow's powerful build and high bone density grants him superhuman speed and strength, even further enhancing his grip strength to the point where he is able to squeeze harder than Titus, the largest man in House Mars. He is able to hold his breath underwater for over eight minutes and can withstand multiple Gs of force without passing out. It is mentioned that Mickey's skills were so great that Darrow physically outmatches numerous Golds.

In combat, Darrow is a formidable opponent. Initially, he could ably defeat other Golds during his time at the Institute but was left for dead by Cassius after their duel. However, his training under Lorn au Arcos fosters his growth, making him the last student of Arcos' fighting style known as the "Willow Way". This newfound skill allowed him to defeat the monstrous Karnus au Bellona on his own and to avenge his loss to Cassius by cutting his arm off in a duel.

Having rigorously studied military history during his infiltration of Gold society, Darrow becomes a highly capable strategist and tactician. He leads House Mars to victory against considerable odds in the Institute and wins several battles when in command of his own forces. Darrow's plans are relatively straightforward but extremely effective, being difficult to counteract due to their simplicity and agressiveness. This thinking allowed him to win against a previously undefeated commander like Roque, attacking and drilling into the enemy vessel alongside Helldivers to allow for boarding action.

Relationships Edit

Eo Edit

Darrow's wife while he was a lowRed, Eo knew Darrow when they were both children, and waited to marry him, despite being eligible for marriage three years earlier. Darrow was devoted to her and did his utmost to provide for her and ensure her comfort and happiness. Her death caused enormous emotional distress for Darrow, and is the catalyst for his infiltration of Gold Society and eventually, for Darrow's role in The Rising itself.

In Golden Son, Harmony uses the secret that Eo was pregnant at the time of her death to persuade him to commit to a suicidal plan that would cause massive civilian casualties. It is the knowledge of her pregnancy that refuels Darrow's quest for revenge against the Golds.

In Morning Star, Darrow finally stops using Eo as an excuse for revenge, and instead as a symbol of living for more.

Virginia au Augustus Edit

Known to Darrow as Mustang, Darrow met her in the Institute, where they were initially on opposing sides. However, Darrow comes to respect her, and allows her to escape the fall of House Minerva against his own forces. Later, Mustang repays him by helping to nurse Darrow back to health when he is betrayed and stabbed in the stomach by Cassius. Darrow and Mustang forge a deep connection, though they are at times at odds, with Darrow torn between guilt and his feelings for Mustang, and Mustang and Darrow having an ideological difference that pits them against one another. Eventually however, Darrow is able to win Mustang's trust and respect again, and they fight side by side to change the Society.

It is revealed in the end of Morning Star that she and Darrow have a son together named Pax, named for their old friend from the Institute.

Cassius Edit

A brother-in-arms of Darrow prior to learning that it was Darrow who was forced into killing his twin brother, Julian. Cassius becomes consumed with a desire to avenge his brother, and betrays Darrow in the Institute, though Darrow is able to survive and claim victory. Later, Cassius fights against Darrow and The Rising, with the two developing a bitter hatred for one another. Eventually, Cassius is captured by Darrow and comes to reconcile with him, forgiving him for the death of his brother, and working with him to bring down the Sovereign. Cassius leaves into self-exile, but parts with Darrow on good terms.

Sevro Edit

Darrow's best friend, Sevro originally was viewed by Darrow as a rather odd individual, as Sevro demonstrated several eccentric behaviours and responded erratically to authority. Eventually, he becomes one of Darrow's most capable and loyal lieutenants, both inside and outside the Society.

Sevro is summoned to Pluto during Golden Son after the Institute. When Darrow and Sevro are reunited, and Sevro reveals he knew about Darrow's Red heritage, bringing great relief to Darrow and affirming their deep friendship in Golden Son.

Sevro continues to look for Darrow and fight for his cause when Darrow is captured by the Jackal, and even implants Darrow's eyes from his life as a Red into himself, as a sign of loyalty and connection to him.

Victra Edit

She enters the story in the beginning of Golden Son where she was part of Darrow's fleet in the Academy. Since then, she was open to her attraction to Darrow but she also knew her chances with him were little to none. Nonetheless, despite Darrow's initial trust issues with her, he comes to view her as one of his most loyal lieutenants. Victra is captured alongside Darrow, but never gives up even when subjected to torture. In exchange, Darrow refuses to be rescued unless Victra is saved as well.

He is present at her wedding and is happy for her and for her husband, Sevro. She is present at the end of the series, with Darrow remarking on her loyalty, and promises to tell his son about it someday.

Tactus Edit

One of the Golds Darrow encounters in the Institute, Darrow has a complex relationship with Tactus. While Tactus eventually joins Darrow and House Mars in the Institute, he proves to be a vicious and difficult ally, and causes trouble for Darrow through his insubordination. Darrow wins his respect when he whips him, and then shares his pain by having himself whipped as well. He helps Darrow achieve victory and proves to be an able fighter.

In Golden Son Tactus initially aids Darrow against the Bellona and the Sovereign, but begins to doubt Darrow's cause and feels alienated by him. He betrays Darrow and attempts to barter his way back into the good graces of the Sovereign. Darrow and Tactus are able to reconcile, with Darrow realizing how he has alienated his friends and allies, but Tactus is executed by Lorn shortly after.

Roque Edit

One of Darrow's close friends at the Institute, Darrow appreciated Roque's calm, poetic nature, and they worked well together at the Institute. Roque is initially one of Darrow's staunchest and most capable allies, and tries to comfort him when Darrow is to be auctioned. However, Roque betrays Darrow when he learns that he is a Red and holds him to blame for Quinn's death, and is one of the primary causes for Darrow's downfall in Golden Son.

Roque is a formidable opponent against Darrow in Morning Star, and fights for the supremacy of the Golds. Darrow defeats him, and a broken, dispirited Roque commits suicide, much to the anguish of his former friend who gives him an honourable funeral.

Trivia Edit

  • Pierce Brown has stated in an interview that he would imagine Darrow to have a British accent.

Quotes Edit

  • 'I would have lived in peace. But my enemies brought me war.' - Red Rising, Prologue
  • 'I was forged in the bowels of this hard world.' - Red Rising, Prologue
  • 'I am my father's son.' - Red Rising, Ch. 1: Helldiver
  • 'My people sing, we dance, we love. That is our strength. But we also dig. And then we die. Seldom do we get to choose why. That choice is power.' - Red Rising, Ch. 6: The Martyr
  • 'I am Darwin's scythe. Nature scraping away the chaff.' - Red Rising, Ch. 19: The Passage
  • 'Some things do not fade. Some things can never be made right.' - Red Rising, Ch. 25: Tribal War
  • 'I break everything.'- Red Rising, Ch. 26: Mustang
  • 'Mars has come!' - Red Rising, Ch 26: Mustang
  • 'Security and justice aren't given. They are made by the strong.'- Red Rising, Ch. 27: The House of Rage
  • 'I am the Reaper and death is my shadow.' - Red Rising, Ch. 32: Antonia
  • 'Live for more.' - Red Rising, Ch. 34: The Northwoods
  • 'Or perhaps they think I'm still a child. The fools. Alexander was a child when he ruined his first nation.' - Red Rising, Ch. 42: War on Heaven
  • 'Funny how a single word can change everything in your life.' - Red Rising, Ch. 44: Rise
  • 'For seven hundred years, my people have been enslaved without voice, without hope. Now I am their sword.' - Golden Son, Prologue
  • 'Let him welcome me into his House, so I might burn it down.' - Golden Son, Prologue
  • 'I am of the Peerless Scarred. Cruelest and brightest of all humankind.' - Golden Son, Ch. 1: Warlords
  • 'In a world of killers, it takes more to be kind than to be wicked.' - Golden Son, Ch. 11: Red
  • 'Momentum is everything to a Helldiver, to military endeavors, to life. Keep moving and dare someone to get in your path.' - Golden Son, Ch. 35: Teatime
  • "They want me pitiless. They want my memory short. But I was raised differently."
  • "Per aspera ad astra." - Golden Son, Ch. 18
  • "If you're watching, Eo, it's time to close your eyes. The Reaper has come. And he's brought hell with him."
  • 'They say a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. They made no mention of the heart.' - Golden Son, Prologue
  • 'Brothers. All water. All flesh. All made from and bound for the dirt.' - Golden Son, Ch. 34: Blood Brothers
  • 'Make your blood proud long after death claims you.' - Golden Son, Ch. 36: Lord of War
  • "Hic Sunt Leones" - Golden Son

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