Golds are the highest level of caste within the Society of Red Rising. They are humanity's fiercely intelligent rulers, their physique tend to be larger than those of other castes, perhaps even Obsidians. There are about 40 million Golds in the Society.

Iron Golds were the Old Conquerors that conquered Earth with their battleships and established the Society throughout the solar system.

Due to their superior physique, Golds tend to live longer than humans of Old Earth, and the Carvers' cell rejuvenation therapy increases their lifespan further still. For example, Lorn's father lived to 163 without any cell rejuvenation. This also means that even Golds considered to be elderly are still fearsome in battle, for example, the Stonesides are all over 70 years old yet none dare to cross them.

Often referred to as Dominus or Domina (varying by gender) by lower castes.

Classes Edit

By genetics Edit

  • Aureate - Golds are of the genus Aureate. They are derogatorily referred to as Goldbrows by the lower Castes.
  • Bronze - The lower stock of the Gold caste.
  • Pixie - The gluttons of Gold society. Those who just party without care for politics or their own health. Derogatory term used to insult Golds with less standing.

By accomplishment/rank Edit

  • Peerless Scarred - Peerless Scarred are Golds who have survived and conquered the Institute
  • Shamed - The Golds that did poorly at the Institute, and are usually sent to the fringes of the Solar System for exhausting administrative duties.

genAlt Edit

Mentioned during Darrow's carving and other characters reference to the carving, Golds were genetically modified to be vastly superior to the other colors.

List of Golds Edit

An incomprehensive list of Golds is as follows (note that some names will be repeated). Prominent characters' names are emboldened.

Darrow's alliesEdit

Leaders of the SocietyEdit

Olympic KnightsEdit

Military leaders and PraetoriansEdit

Moon Lords and familyEdit


Prominent House membersEdit

House BellonaEdit

House AugustusEdit

  • Nero au Augustus - Head of house Augustus up until Golden Son
    • Claudius au Augustus - Elder son of Nero, killed during a fight with Karnus au Bellona
    • Adrius au Augustus - See above
    • Virginia au Augustus - See above
    • Leto au Augustus - Ward and disciple of Nero, decapitated by Karnus au Bellona

House ArcosEdit

  • Lorn au Arcos
    • Brutus au Arcos - Lorn's youngest son, son-in-law of Octavia au Lune and father of Lysander

Darrow's Classmates at The InstituteEdit