"Hic Sunt Leones" Here be lions.

House Augustus is a prominent Martian gold family. It has existed since the time of the Conquering and is currently in its 14th generation. As of the events in Red Rising, they are the leading family of Mars, possessing ArchGovernorship of the planet.

House Augustus's numbers are currently dwindling; Nero notes that after Claudius's death, his family consists of two nieces, a nephew, son and daughter, and that's it.[1] As of Iron Gold, Virginia and Pax au Augustus are the only known living members of the Augustus family.

They have a lasting feud with House Bellona, spurred on by Nero au Augustus' acts and the killing of his son, Claudius au Augustus.

Members include:

Affiliated persons include:

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A lion on red and white.

References Edit

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