House Bellona is a major Golden Martian household. They have existed since the time of the Iron Golds, where Scipio au Bellona defeated and broke through the Atlantic Fleet. They are bitter rivals with House Augustus. Their appearance is noted for their thick and curly hair. Members of the household are all expected to be reasonably strong fighters. Their stronghold is located on Olympus Mons and they number over 50.


  • Cassius au Bellona, former Morning Knight and rival of Darrow au Andromedus. After the Rising, became the guardian of Lysander au Lune and is currently living in exile. Favorite son of Tiberius
  • Tiberius au Bellona, former head of House Bellona
  • Karnus au Bellona, son of Tiberius known for his brutality. Killed Claudius au Augustus, eldest son of Nero au Augustus
  • Kellan au Bellona, cousin of Cassius
  • Cagney au Bellona, cousin of Cassius
  • Julia au Bellona, wrathful wife of Tiberius. Hellbent on destroying Darrow after his murder of her favorite son, Julian
  • Julian au Bellona, gentle twin brother of Cassius, killed by Darrow in the Passage at the Institute of Mars
  • Julius au Bellona, former head of House Bellona and father of Tiberius
  • Theseus au Bellona, young son of Tiberius
  • Daedalus au Bellona, young son of Tiberius
  • Scipio au Bellona, Bellona ancestor known for his role in the Conquering


Blue and silver with a silver eagle.


  • Bellona was a goddess of war in Ancient Roman times, and a sister to Mars