One of the Houses at The Institute. Their proctor is an unnamed Gold woman, who is described by Fitchner au Barca as "a harlot."

House Diana resides in a wooden fortress south of House Minerva, in the dense foliage of the Greatwoods.

The House is comprised of skilled hunters who wear fatigues the same colour as the woods. They are equipped with ranged weapons, like bows, and knives. They used berries to paint the "hunting moon" on their faces and animal pelts dangle from their belts.

House Diana is manipulated by Darrow au Andromedus into helping to defeat House Minerva, but when they attempt to double-cross House Mars, Darrow is able to starve them out in three days. When they attempt to escape they are all captured by Darrow and the rest. Their Primus, Tamara, is trampled to death in the escape, although it is believed that Tactus au Rath sabotaged her saddle. The remainder of House Diana in the Greatwoods are destroyed by Cassius au Bellona, Sevro au Barca and a dozen Howlers.