Lilath is a Gold of House Faran. She was a part of House Pluto during The Institute of Mars, quickly becoming the favored underling of her house's Primus, The Jackal. After graduating, she becomes a lancer of House Falthe and aligns with House Bellona and the Sovereign against House Augustus.

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Lilath is a cold and callous individual. She was alao shown to be rather emotionless when speaking with Darrow. She finds acts of cruelty and violence to be quite humorous, laughing when she slaughtered House Thorne and helped Adrius betray his family.


Lilath has moonfaced cheeks that became scarred and pock-marked from her time in the Institute. She dyed her golden hair dark black and wove bones into her braids. She lost several fingers whilst in the Institute; it is unknown if she had them replaced afterwards.


Lilath first appeared when she came to deliver the HoloCam of Darrow killing Julian to his brother Cassius. She is later seen leading a scouting patrol around the Greatwoods. Towards the end of the Institute, she assists a wounded Adrius by delivering him a thermal cloak and MedBot. She is then hiding in the mountains with him when Mustang arrives with her army.

She, along with two other members of House Falthe, systematically slaughtered House Thorne during the chaos caused by Darrow at the Summit. Later, she helped Adrius in attacking the Triumph. She killed Lorn au Arcos with a pulseDagger.



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