The Primus of House Apollo at The Institute.

Appearance Edit

Noted by Darrow to be tall and strong, though not quite as tall and broad as Darrow was. He had long hair and was noted to be hardened and humourless. 


Novas was a tough, formidable young man without much of a sense of humour and a way of maturity about him. Darrow considered him to be much like a man grown rather than a boy. While tough and willing to negotiate, Novas was also prideful, striking a disguised Darrow for shaming his Color. He was a combative individual, wishing he could have tested himself against the famous 'Reaper ' of House Mars

Red RisingEdit

Novas becomes Primus of House Apollo and fights in the south of The Institute against the likes of House Neptune , House Bacchus , House Mercury , and House Pluto. He was also plagued by attacks from Sevro and his Howlers . Darrow decides to challenge Novas and bring him down in order to eliminate his biased Proctor, Proctor Apollo, from conspiring against him. He was met by Darrow in disguise and offered to take Darrow's coalition as allies against the other houses. Prideful and tough, he behaved condescendingly towards Darrow and was noted to have little humour about him. Darrow rejected his alliance and began a campaign against him. He recieved significant help from his Proctor in attempting to bring down Darrow, including a pulseSpear which he used to best several enemies. However, he was defeated by Darrow and had his leg broken in the fight. 

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