are a lower tier caste. They are a 'monstrous race only bred for war', and are the only color to have ever rebelled against the Gold elite during the Dark Revolt. After this act, they were forced to live in the polar regions of different castles, provided with no knowledge of technology, and taught that the 'Sunborn' Gold are gods. Griffins were used to convince them of this, since in their forced ignorance, they had no knowledge of science and genetic grafting. They are mainly raised in the poles of Earth and Mars.

Due to their incredible kinship, the Board of Quality Control bribed the shamans of their tribes to warn against touching one another since it 'weakened the spirit,' so Obsidians only believe in three types of touch. The Touch of Spring, during intercourse, the Touch of Summer, to save others, and the Touch of Winter, to bring death.

It appears that they can speak Icelandic. Most Obsidians boast an enormous physical stature, with defined muscles and tall, powerful frames.

The Stained Edit

The Stained are an even more monstrously large, elite group of Obsidians. They are able to use military weapons such as ionBlades and are very hardy, as a razor can pierce their armour, and yet they will appear utterly unfazed. They are covered with scars, and are largely bald except for some white hair.

Notable Obsidians Edit