The Olympic Knights is an elite group of twelve knights, supposedly the greatest and most skilled warriors in all of the solar system, who serve as the force that protects the Sovereign and uphold the Compact of the Society.

After the rising, most of the Olympic Knights are either captured or killed.

The tradition of the Olympic Knights is continued in The Rim, under Romulus au Raa.


The Olympic Knights all wear different, unique armor that is one of a kind and meant to separate them from other Golds. Each Knight wears a golden cloak emblazoned with the pyramid of the Society. Some of the older knights, such as Lorn, often refuse to wash their armour out of superstition, as they believe that they might wash away the good luck that enables them to survive.

The helm of the Morning Knight has a rising sun, and the armor is golden.

The Protean Knight's armour is gold and blue, emblazoned with sea serpents.

The Rage Knight's armor is dark and the helm is a laughing wolfskull.

The Hearth Knight's armor is the shade of bright flames.

The Storm Knight's cloak is storm gray.

The Truth Knight wears a brilliant white cloak.

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