A Gold; and the son of Priscilla au Caan, a bannerwoman of House Bellona who owns two moons of Mars. Due to this fact, he bypassed the Draft and had his House chosen for him, as Premier. He was killed by Sevro during the Passage and died by having his trachea crushed.


He gained the title of First Sword in the Solar System in the year that he was born to, meaning he was a peerless duelist. His mother was a subGovernor who owned the two moons of Mars, and was of House Caan.


He has refined mannerisms, speaking constantly in highLingo and was speculated to have never sworn. Due to his upbringing, he displays arrogance and confidence, as well as ambition for leadership. However, he is not prepared for the unexpected.

He revealed a degree of respect for the lowDrafts that was uncharacteristic of others at his rank: He expressed doubts that the tests could truly assess intelligence at all, and said that even if they could, the most gifted individuals would still need to rely upon the less gifted to succeed. Darrow thought him to be a decent person.


With a build as tall as Darrow but broader, he was said to have the perfect appearance; beautiful, strong, and fast.

Trivia Edit

  • Priam was the king of Troy, father of Hector, Cassandra and Paris