The primary weapon of Golds in single combat, the Razor is a symbol of Gold's right to rule. As such, the punishment for low-Colors and mid-Colors using razors is heavy. For an Obsidian, the punishment for merely touching the weapon is death by starvation. During The Rising, Darrow of Lykos encouraged lower Colors to wield Razors, a symbol that true power rests in the hands of the common people.

The "blade" of the razor is about a meter long when stiffened and can be toggled into the form of a whip (the whip form being considerably longer than the blade form). As a result, the Razor is an incredibly versatile weapon. Darrow frequently morphed his razor into the curved shape of a SlingBlade. While flexible, the razor is incredibly sharp and can even pierce RecoilArmor.

Though it is meant to be worn on the belt, different generations of Golds have adopted different traditions for the carrying of a Razor. It has been noted as having been worn as a sash, and more recently around the forearm. Lorn au Arcos expresses his disdain for the newer method of wearing razors around the forearm, criticizing the possibility of accidental maiming.

Razors come in different colors. Leto's (for example) is rainbow-colored. Some Razors have special inscriptions on them, detailing personal triumphs or family achievements and glories carved into them. Cassius au Bellona had the triumphs of the Bellona family engraved into his razor. On Darrow's hilt, Mustang commissioned engravings of what he loved: his family. Other Razors have special handles, such as that of Lorn au Arcos.


Razor as depicted in the graphic novel "Red Rising: Sons of Ares"