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Darrow in Pulsearmor

The primary weapon of the Golds in combat. It is exclusively used by Golds and it is illegal for other Colors to handle them, punishable by death. Thus, the weapon is also a symbol of power and hierarchy. Darrow later encourages many lowColors to wield the weapon in battle during The Rising.

The blade of the razor is about a meter long and can be toggled to change shape. The blade can be stiff like a sword or loose like a whip, and can be used with great versatility as a result.

Though it is meant to be worn like a sash, some have taken to wrapping them around the arms instead, which may result in accidental lopping of limbs.

Razors come in different colours, such as Leto, whose Razor is rainbow-coloured. Some Razors have special inscriptions on them, detailing personal triumphs or family achievements and glories carved into them. Other Razors have special handles, such as Lorn's.

Although they are flexible, they can be incredibly sharp and are devastating weapons, piercing through even recoilArmor.

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