RecoilArmor is a special kind of body armor used primarily by Golds. Utilized during periods of high-intensity warfare or in regions where combat is either likely or inevitable, recoilArmor serves as some of the best personal protection systems in the Sol System.

Design Edit

A suit of recoilArmor consists of multiple interlocking plates of recoilPlate, a type of smart metal that can flex and move along with the user.

It is not known when or where the armor was first created, nor is it known who developed or commissioned it. However, it can be inferred that recoilArmor was based on designs that were first implemented when the Old Conquerors first razed Earth, and was then improved upon by the engineers and scientists of the Society.

Capabilities Edit

The outer shell of recoilArmor can be reconfigured into many different designs. From different shapes to shifting colors, all of it can be apparently be programmed into whatever computational matrix controls the formation and shifting of the recoilPlate. The full extent of this functionality is unknown, as it appears that some armor modifications (such as the heavy ornamentation on the armor of accomplished Stained Obsidians, certain characteristics of Olympic Knight armor, etc.) seem to require manual modification or attachments.

In terms of defensive capabilities, a set of recoilArmor seems to be close to the pinnacle of protective technologies within the militaries of the Society, with the only personal armors that can provide more protection being starShells. They can take hits from weapons such as railRifles with only a dent to show for it, as evidenced by Darrow's boarding of Roque's moonBreaker. After Darrow's pulseShield was disabled by a Gray soldier, the rest of the squad opened fire, leaving Darrow with nothing but a few dents in his recoilArmor.