Seraphina au Raa is the daughter of the Sovereign of the Rim Dominion, Romulus au Raa and his wife, Dido au Raa. She is a Gold of House Raa and is the eldest living daughter of Romulus.


Seraphina is first introduced in Morning Star as a young daughter of Romulus au Raa.  Her part in the story is nominal.  She plays a far greater role in Iron Gold.


Seraphina is described as looking wild[1], being slow to smile, and having brusque movements.[2]

“A woman who walks with a storm in her veins.” - Lysander au Lune[2]


Morning StarEdit

As a child Seraphina was described as a pale-faced, gaunt girl with messy short-cropped hair.[1]

Iron GoldEdit

10 years later, Seraphina is described as a fierce looking woman who is not as beautiful to Luna’s standards because of the hint of wildness beneath her surface. She has full lips, a slightly hooked nose, and her eyes are a dull-gold.  Compounding her natural ferocity, she wears her hair buzzed short on one side of her head.[2]


Morning StarEdit

Seraphina grew up on Jupiter’s moon Io in the Raa family home set in the shadow of a volcano in a large yellow plain.  The home and the small property surrounding it was enclosed by a pulse bubble to protect it from the elements of Io’s surface.  The home was a collection of various gardens connected to smooth, white-walled rooms with no roofs.  The architecture, very minimalistic and accentuated the landscaping and greenery.[1]
Like her siblings, Seraphina was raised without access to the HoloNet until the age of 12 so that they could form their own opinions on their studies before they hear the opinions conveyed by media.  She was privately tutored and had no servants.  All evidence suggests her childhood was peaceful yet disciplined.  She had chores, such as gardening, and was raised by a family who taught her life-lessons through many facets whenever possible.  She was a wise, thoughtful, and confident.  So inquisitive that she would climb the ivy on the outside of her family home to listen in on the adult-conversations she was closed off from. Her only involvement in Morning Star is a brief conversation with Darrow, when he travels to Io to visit her father, Romulus au Raa.[1]

Iron GoldEdit





"Servants?  But I haven't earned servants!  Not yet." -- Seraphina[1]
"They think just because I don't have [a scar] that I don't have ears." -- Seraphina[1]

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