Sevro is a Gold, and the son of Fitchner and his Red wife, Bryn. Throughout the course of the books, Sevro is one of Darrow's most loyal followers, and is leader of Darrow's Howlers.

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Sevro is indifferent to others that he does not know, but is very loyal to certain people. He is also cunning and sneaky as exhibited during the game at the Institute where he takes the other houses by surprise. Sevro can be considered a scrapper throughout the series, especially in the first book. He is also said to be cold and have a distinct cruel side to him, which is seen early in Morning Star, particularly with Sevro's callous treatment of his enemies. Sevro, however, is ultimately a good person and overcomes his darker side. He has a quick wit and a crude sense of humor which he is not at all shy about. Sevro has a sensitive side which sometimes results in him overreacting. He values loyalty above all else and his howlers.

It’s also insinuated that Sevro has a weird thing for unicorns and horses.

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He is rather short, but nonetheless towers over other Colors if in a starShell.He has crooked teeth. His face is scarred, marking him as a Peerless Scarred. He also, according to Darrow, has abnormally long toenails, which he says help him hang off things. He later gets a mohawk and a goatee, (which Darrow teased him about, since it was obviously to woo Victra). In the beginning, he had his normal golden eyes, but later on, he lost an eye to the Jackal, and was given bionic eyes. After the capture of Darrow, and per his request, he replaced his bionic eyes to Darrow's old red eyes.

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He talked flippantly to Julian and nearly entered into a duel with him. He got ranked 99th and killed Priam, which was very unexpected. Earned a reputation as a creep for communing with wolves.


Art by Justin Wong

He and his Howlers rescue Darrow from his room and goes to help House Augustus.


Art by Justin Wong

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Relationships Edit

In Morning Star, Sevro and Victra begin a relationship, which ends rather soon, after Sevro confesses his feelings for her. However, after Sevro nearly dies saving Cassius, Victra proposes to him, and they get married on the ship.

Trivia Edit

Barca is a reference to Hannibal Barca, the Carthaginian conqueror of much of Rome. Hannibal was seen as a cunning strategist and incredibly cagey.

Quotes Edit

  • 'Shit escalates.'
  • 'If your heart beats like a drum and your leg's a little wet, it's 'cause the Reaper's come to collect a little debt.' - Golden Son, Ch. 35: Teatime
  • 'I like to think I'm an endangered species.' - Golden Son, Ch. 46: Brotherhood
  • "Omnis vir lupus." - Golden Son, Ch 18: Bloodstains