Tactus au Rath is a Gold and a classmate of Darrow at The Institute on Mars. He was part of House Diana.

Tactus is what some might consider to be a Pixie, he indulges heavy in pinks, drugs and partying.


Red RisingEdit

During the institute he teamed up with Darrow to take down Mustang and House Minerva. During the escape of House Diana from House Minerva it is believed that Tactus cut underneath the saddle of the Primus Tamara causing her to fall of the horse during her escape and be trampled to death.

After Tactus joins the army of Darrow and Mustang and they take the castle of Ceres, Tactus attempts to rape a Ceres slave during the night, he was caught by Milia causing the army to be split, half wanting to defend Tactus as they are part of his house and the other half calling for justice.

Darrow whips Tactus 20 times in front of the army, not holding back causing Pax to nearly hack down Diana soldiers from running to his defense.

After Darrow whips Tactus he passes the whip to Tactus and tells him to whip him, Tactus is told to whip him 25 times in front of everybody, Tactus refused to properly whip Darrow and after 5 lashes Darrow gets up giving the whip to Pax after which he is whipped another 25 times. After this event, Darrow is able to earn Tactus' loyalty and obedience.

Golden SonEdit

Tactus served under his fleet commander Darrow, though his loyalty appears to waver after Darrow's loss to Karnus au Bellona at the Academy and subsequent publicized beating by members of the Bellona family, as well as Tactus's own impending personal danger upon losing his contract to House Augustus. Shortly after Darrow's men abduct Lysander au Lune from The Sovereign, he deserts Darrow and brings Lysander back to The Sovereign in the hopes of getting her favour and protection.

Later, as Darrow recruits Lorn au Arcos to his cause, Tactus arrives with Aja Au Grimmus. Tactus is wounded by a trap set by Darrow, and under orders from Octavia Au Lune, moves to slaughter Lorn's family. Darrow appeals to Tactus and, realizing that there is some good in Tactus and also that he hasn't placed enough trust in his friends, persuades him to return. Tactus breaks down emotionally and accepts Darrow's offer, only for Lorn au Arcos to execute him immediately for endangering his family.

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