I just wanted to rant about how awesomely customisable wikis are. Even if you're just a regular user, you can still change your cursor or add buttons to the UI. Things get more hardcore if you have access to global, since you can do things as documented here .

Now Theme Designer, it's just insane. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it doesn't just throw some unsafe and mismatched colours at you. You can actually choose colours by inputting their hex codes. I thought it would just be some gimmicky "here's a colour and like 5 shades of it to choose from" but no, so many colours at your disposal. And it splits images down the middle, knowing that there's no way one size fits all: a picture 1600px wide can be found on a 1920px wide display and not suffer any issues because the "problematic" part is hidden away under all the content. And I suppose I got it lucky since the picture already fades to black, not requiring any more editing to add gradients. Lorem Ipsum is cool too . And since backgrounds can be tiled, here's one totextures !

I could go on but I'm really just trolling for the achievement lol..

6√2e 02:22, February 1, 2015 (UTC)


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