So I was reading this webtoon that the author quit drawing due to "lack of ability" and general failure to maintain deadlines, which was not all that major, and which is besides the point. There was a fish featured prominently in the art. It's a magical fish. It can speak. It can fly through the air and not die while flapping around pathetically in said air. But that's besides the point also.

My point is that fish have longer memories than people think. They don't have an attention span of seven seconds, and can certainly recall things after three seconds. But why are they so devoid of personality? Like all devoted owners, people that raise prized fish like to think of them as special and being all bubbly (was that a pun? It's not, right?) and cool (this isn't one either okay). All we bystanders see is some person clinging to a glass pane cooing over a fish just swimming around. Are there supposed to some arcane cues that might lead us to the conclusion that this fish is more than just as presented, possessing some... hidden depths, supposedly (okay that definitely was a pun right).

I guess we'll find out when we can communicate with dolphins and I major in marine biology. Oh, and fish don't eat nuts okay. One kind, but not the other. Who do you think fish are, piranhas??!

Okay I'm just being weird here.

6√2e 03:09, February 2, 2015 (UTC)


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