Weed is a Gold whose true name is unknown. During the

Institute, Weed was considered a lowDraft, one of

the 'dregs' of House Mars, because he lacked the physical and mental prowess of the mid- and highDraft Gold's. Weed is gifted his nickname by Cassius "because, well, he's thin." Initially part of Darrow and Cassius' group at the Institute, he later goes on to become a Howler under Sevro au Barca's command, along with Screwface, Thistle, Pebble, Harpy, Rotback and Sleepy. As a Howler, he wears a wolf cloak and has a tendency to howl as they go into battle.

Along with Pebble and Clown, Weed wore his hair in a mohawk.

Weed dies during Golden Son after an EMP detonates nearby and kills the power of his gravBoots and StarShell armour, dragging him to the bottom of the river, where he ultimately drowns.